我们是来自于各行各业的自愿者, 为了我们的孩子们有一个美好的未来, 我们一定会抗争到底!

Opposition Organizations
80-20 Asian American PAC Virginia-Maryland-DC Chapter
80-20 DCAPAC
AACE (Asian American Coalition for Education)
AALF (Asian American Legal Foundation)
Asian American Voters
Bay Area Asian Pacific Islander Association
BANH (Bay Area Homeowner Network)
BHSH (Big Hand Small Hand)
California Science and Technology University
Cherry Hill Huaxia Chinese School
Chinese Alliance for Equality
Chinese American Association of Orange County
Chinese-American Oceanic and Atmospheric Association
Chinese American Rights Association
Chinese American Equalization Association (HQH)
CAPA (Chinese American Parent Association)
CARA (Chinese American Rights Association)
Chinese Mutual Aid International Network
Community Info Share
CRA (Chiinese Rifle Association)
DCFF (Davis Chinese Film Festival Foundation)
DCA (Dublin Chinese Association)
Dublin Chinese Association
EGCA (Elk Grove Chinese Association)
Foster City Chinese American Association
Fudan Alumni Association San Diego Chapter
Hopkings Junior High PTA
Indian American Forum for Political Education
Joint Chinese University Alumni Association
Midwest Agriculture International LLC
Minnesota Chinese Association
New Asian Leaders
New Star Chinese School, Davis
North West Chinese Alliances
NTIS: No Tower In School
OCCLG (Orange County Chinese Ladies Group)
Overseas Chinese Association of Miami
Overseas Huber Friendship Association
Peking University Alumni Association of Oregon
Philadelphia Tristate Chinese American Association
SDAAFE (San Diego Asian American for Equality)
SDCAA (San Diego Chinese American Association)
San Ramon Chinese Association
SVCA (Silicon Valley Chinese Association)
Silicon Valley Chinese Association Foundation
The Chinese Association of Science, Education and Culture of South Florida
The Federation of Florida Chinese Associations
The Great Philadelphia United Chinese American Chamber of Commerce
TOC (The Orange Club)
The United Association of Chinese Alumni in Great Houston
The World Association of Chinese Elites
TVA: TriValley Acamedy
UAAFA: United Asian Amaerican For Activism
UBC (United For Better Community)
United Chinese Associations of Eastern USA
Univ. of Southern California, California Alumni Association
Venus Chinese School
WW-P Education Support Association

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